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This is your life narrative and it is YOU that has the power to choose your adventures.

It will be you who will author and create the stories and tales of your adventures. You add the rich descriptions and choose to perform the characters and roles you believe yourself worthy of.

No one but you can create meaning in a way you would prefer and only you can give yourself permission to allow yourself to cherish what is most important to you.

You can be courageous enough to live a life of “I Could …” instead of “I Should …”!

What will your legacy be, how will you record your history?

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Using an integrative, holistic approach to therapy that incorporates science and research, effective strategies in management, and solution based approaches.

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Mountain Air Psychology promises to maintain its integrity, ethics, and principles in all aspects of our work with you.

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A Mountain Air Psychology therapist has a fully registered therapist who is experienced in multiple areas of dysfunction and psychological concern.

These aspects of therapy are harmoniously blended in with positive psychology, Rogerian principles, humanism, meaning making and existentialism.

  • Treatment plans are tailored to you.
  • Your feedback and input in the treatment planning is valued.
  • Fit is everything.

“To fight change is self sabotage and refusal of adaptation”


Growth is a mind set; if you are open, willing, and honest with yourself, shifts can happen.

“Behaviour is said to be selfsabotaging when it creates problems in daily life and … procrastination, perfectionism, relationships, work, finances, time, and change. … selfsabotaging behaviours—like picking fights or blaming a partner” – Psychology Today


Success is not always change but could be a different way of seeing the problem.

“Would you rather be right? or Happy?”

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Mountain Air Psychology is a private mental health practice offering online individual and couples counselling. Mental health topics include trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, sex and intimacy, relationship and couples counselling.

Therapeutic approaches include trauma informed and specific approaches, Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Positive Psychology, Solution Focused, CBT, Narrative Therapy, Gottman Method Couples Therapy, EMDR, Developmental Model, Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy (training in progress)

Talk to us about something specific on your mind or come see us about everyday Calgary stress. Whether it is coming from work or home life, we are here to aid in bringing some relief. Whatever path is before you, we would be honoured to walk with you through this uncertain life intersection. If you are wanting more decision in moving towards embracing adaptation and change, we will help you to achieve this.

Q: Why would someone come to see Mountain Air Psychoogy

Psychology You may be here because you may be done, just done with it, just tired of letting depression weigh you down. We hear yah! We get it when anxiety is no longer helping to anticipate the future accurately for you. What once was a great way to avoid danger seems to be creating new ones and before you know it you feel you are running from a landslide insecurities, internal cruelties and emotions. Do you feel you are hyper aware and your senses exhausted? Do you feel Burnout looming around the corner waiting to drop the sword? Do you have a trauma background! Is it Complicated? Sitting with concerns or questions around Sex, and Intimacy, low Libido, high libido? Mountain can help you navigate in a way you feel good and ready for.

Calgary’s Top Couples Therapist, Top Calgary Therapist, Trauma and PTSD Therapist, Sex Therapy, Sexual Function and Intimacy and Libido, Calgary’s best space for a new chapter.